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June 2021 concerts_flyer_FINAL.png

Firebird Suite

Igor Stravinsky

The orchestra’s performance of The Firebird Suite features an original narration & dramatization, The People Could Fly, created by Sankofa African American Theatre Company, an adaptation of the African tale merged with Stravinsky’s orchestral work and the Russian folktale of enslavement, reawakening, and hope that had been the composer’s genesis for his composition.

In celebration of Juneteenth, Sankofa African American Theatre Company has partnered with

West Shore Symphony Orchestra

for two special outdoor performances in a concert series entitled,

"Our Interconnected World".

Friday, 6/18, 6:00 pm

S. Middleton Park

Boiling Springs, PA




Saturday, 6/19, 7:00 pm

Paxton Pres. Church

Harrisburg, PA


(rain date 6/20, 4:00 pm)


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